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Animal Communicator

This is animal communication at it's finest. Learn more about your animals what they think and feel, and how you can better relate to them.  Get insight into the way your pets respond to you and the world around them.   I talk to Animals, but more importantly, I listen!


Al Holman is a resident of San Diego California and was raised in Tempe Arizona.  Growing up AI knew there was something inside him that was different from everyone he knew. It wasn’t until he moved to California in 1989 that he realized his abilities to see and hear things most people don’t are very unique.  Because of this he has always been able to communicate with animals.  Al grew up in a rural area and was especially attached to dogs and horses, he has always had quite a few friends, but he feels closer to animals.  The family always had dogs and cats and lived near dairy farms and horse ranches.  In high school Al cleaned the horse stalls at a local stable and took people on trail rides in exchange for lessons.  For his sixteenth birthday his father took him on a horse round-up from Cave Creek to Heber Arizona on horseback with a local rancher and his family. They had two ranches instead of trucking the horses from one location to another he rode them across the wilds of Arizona. When Al was younger, he worked as a horse wrangler at Dude Ranch in Saint Elmo Colorado.   



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